Bell Schedules » 2019-2020 Bell Schedule

2019-2020 Bell Schedule

2019-2020 Bell Schedule Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Description / Period Start Time End Time Length
First Bell (All students) 7:45 AM
Tardy Bell (All students) 7:48 AM
Elementary Recess 10:00 AM
End Recess 10:20 AM
Start Transitional Kinder/Kinder Lunch 11:30 AM
Start Primary Lunch (1st-3rd) 11:45 AM
Start Middle School Lunch 11:52 AM
Start Intermediate Lunch (4th-5th) 12:05 PM
End of Kinder Lunch (released to bus/parent) 12:00 PM
End of Primary Lunch (1st-3rd) 12:25 PM
End of Middle School Lunch 12:29 PM
End of Intermediate Lunch 12:45 PM
Dismissal (Grades 1st-8th) 2:29 PM